Architectural Ceiling Systems (ACS) has been a part of the WA building industry for more than 40 years. Now part of the Heafod group of companies, ACS started as an acoustic ceilings contracting business which quickly gained a reputation for the ability to carry out large and complicated installations.

Development of a range of specialised metal and acoustic tiles and ceiling systems and the addition of a factory and machinery complex to manufacture new products set the foundation for the company’s growth.

Successful expansion into national and international markets set ACS as a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of metal ceilings and wall systems.

Divisions within the Heafod group work together to provide design, manufacture and distribution solutions to architects, contractors and developers as well as dominating supply of metal and acoustic ceiling tiles and associated products to West Australian trades.

The Heafod group consists of:

  • ACS – specialising in the design and manufacture of a diverse range of metal ceilings and wall systems including acoustic and suspended ceilings.
  • Colrol – specialising in the manufacture of cold roll forming equipment and machine lines. ACS commissions Colrol to produce tooling and machine line production equipment for the manufacture of metal and acoustic tiles as well as custom orders.
  • Ceiling Manufacturers of Australia (CMOA) – A one-stop-shop for distributing plasterboard, insulation, Rondo systems, Armstrong Ceilings and ACS manufactured products including metal and acoustic tiles to the West Australian building industry.

Technical Innovation

ACS linear metal strip ceilings have redefined industry design and construction since introduction of the innovative product to the Australian market in the 1960s.

The addition of Ministrip, an economical linear strip ceiling system, and Alumacoust are examples of ACS’s innovative approach. These designs were the building blocks for a new generation of linear strip ceiling products now widely used in the building industry.

The main advantages of Ministrip linear strip ceilings are:

  • A narrow 7mm gap between panels to give an overall monolithic appearance
  • High acoustic values
  • Durable metal thickness and heavy duty 45×36 panel carrier

Other ACS linear strip ceilings available include Coruline, Harmoni 180, Linear 5, Forms, Spac Deckform and Plafond.

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