Find the right metal acoustic ceiling tiles and ceiling products for your building project. Here you will find links to our technical library to view CAD drawings and detailed information about our metal acoustic tiles, acoustic ceiling panels, wall claddings, sun louvers, ventilation, suspended ceilings and framing systems.

Performance Considerations

Performance Considerations ACS recommends considering the following when specifying metal tiles, suspended ceilings and cladding materials for your application:

Acoustics – Sound absorption is a primary design criteria and key to effective spaces for working, learning, and healing.

Fire resistance – Metal ceiling tiles have fire-safe construction suited to many building applications.

Humidity/corrosion – ACS has metal tiles and system ranges designed to prevent corrosion as a result of exposure to high moisture or humidity, especially in recreation and swimming centres.

Durability – find metal tiles that are impact resistant, scratch resistant, soil and damage resistant and easy to scrub clean.

Light reflection – Growing awareness of new, energy-saving lighting often overlooks the integral role of metal ceiling tiles. High light-reflective metal ceiling tiles make lighting systems – especially indirect lighting – more effective, while reducing energy costs.

Design Trends

Sound absorbing metal acoustic tiles and clouds or canopies have become a popular trend giving architects design flexibility while still meeting performance criteria.

Clouds or canopies are acoustic ceiling panels suspended from carrier rails to provide sound absorbency and noise reduction. These options are often preferred for high profile open spaces. While some metal tiles and acoustic ceiling panels are formulated for use in offices, others have been developed especially for recreational areas, such as gyms and swimming pools. ACS can guide you on the best selection for your application.

Consult Our Design Team

If you are unable to find suitable metal acoustic ceiling tiles and systems or a preferred product for your building project, talk to our design team about development and manufacture of a product suited to your requirements.

ACS, working with Colrol, can produce the necessary tooling and machine line production equipment for the manufacture of bespoke products.

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