At ACS, we believe that great architecture starts at the beginning – with the design of the materials that will be used to turn an intangible idea into a physical structure. If the product is not designed and manufactured to the same standard as the idea, architecture cannot reach its full potential. This is why we decided to start producing our own materials more than 40 years ago, with an aim of providing Australia and the world with exceptional quality ceiling systems that were designed by the same, dedicated team that manufactured them.

Today we produce a variety of architectural ceiling infrastructure with next-generation manufacturing technology – all from our modern production facility in Bayswater, Western Australia. It is also here, at our very own Acoustic Lab, where we implement independent testing of our acoustic tiles and metal ceilings, eliminating time wasted by outsourcing regulatory compliance tests.

Our standard product range can be adapted to unique application requests from clients. We encourage you to work closely with our design team to create a made-to-order product that will suit your layout and required functionality characteristics with millimetre precision.

We stock Australia’s largest selection of ceiling systems produced by a single manufacturer

Acoustic Metal Ceiling Tiles

From Endurawood Timber that comes completely maintenance-free and fire resistant, to ICE Metal Tiles for the typical office look, ACS offers an extensive selection of acoustic metal ceiling panels and tiles for a multitude of application purposes. This includes a range of acoustic metal ceiling tiles that you can find by browsing our long list of options here.

Linear Acoustic Ceiling

Our linear range is used to establish a clean, straight effect on walls and ceilings for a variety applications. This is a visual panel style that brings an organic warmth to residential and public spaces that include theatres, lecture rooms and restaurants. View our up-to-date selection of linear ceilings here, from Spac Deckform and Harmoni to Coruline, Ministrip Broadline or Linear 5.

Metal Wall, Fascia Cladding and Louvres

With a large, empty surface and a clean finish, Deckform Cladding offers great visibility for brand signage and other forms of communication in writing. We supply both metal walls and louvres with robust designs that cater for demanding applications.

Armstrong Mineral Fibre Tiles

CMOA have been Armstrong’s Western Australian distributors since 1990. Recent projects include the Fiona Stanley Hospital with over 70,000 m2 of Armstrong mineral fibre tiles.

Rockfon Ceiling Tiles

ACS work closely with AIS as a partner in Western Australia, supplying local ceiling contractors.

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Discover our innovative and technically advanced range of metal acoustic ceiling tiles and panels, wall claddings, sun louvers, ventilation, suspended ceilings and framing systems. Full specifications, acoustic ratings and CAD drawings for a wide range of our standard products are available on our website. Contact our design team for assistance with development of specialised products suited to your building project, or for further information and project references.

Architectural Ceiling Systems are Western Australia’s preferred suspended ceiling tiles suppliers, with a product range more diverse than any supplier in the country. Send us a mail or speak directly to a consultant on (08) 9271 0777 now.