Armstrong World Industries (AWI)

A worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of next-generation commercial and residential ceiling, wall and suspension system solutions, Armstrong World Industries is one step ahead of the rest and boasts a product that is in demand all over the globe. Thus, product has moved without boundaries and proved the need for a series of Business Offices in Australia, China, Europe and India. The company now has 3,800 employees, with an impressive global manufacturing network of 26 facilities.

This is meaningful design:

“At home, at work, in healthcare facilities, classrooms, stores, or restaurants, Armstrong World Industries offers interior solutions that help to enhance comfort, save time, improve building efficiency and overall performance, and create beautiful spaces. In schools, for example, our acoustical ceilings can help teachers teach and kids learn. Statistics show many children only hear three out of every four words a teacher says – because of ambient noise. In rooms with our acoustical ceilings, children can hear better, so they learn better and faster. In hospitals with our acoustical ceilings, a quieter environment helps patients heal faster.” –

With a legacy built on trust and integrity, and the use of architecture to explore and execute metal ceiling systems that have more to them than meets the eye, Architectural Ceiling Systems felt it was crucial to stock Armstrong’s commercial ceiling tiles and make them available in Western Australia and other parts of the world. Thus, we formed a partnership with Ceiling Manufacturers of Australia (CMOA) – a one-stop distributor of products that now include both Armstrong Mineral Fibre Ceilings and ACS manufactured materials (linear ceilings and acoustic metal tiles). In fact, CMOA has been Armstrong’s Western Australian distributor since 1990 already, with recent projects that include the Fiona Stanley Hospital where more than 70,000m2 of the Armstrong mineral fibre tiles were used.

Our Armstrong Range

As you can see below, we have over 13 options of Acoustic Metal Ceilings. We cater for a broad spectrum of application and purpose, offering a variety of solutions that meet specified functionality requirements for a variety of infrastructure types.

ACS strives to enhance the functionality of any space that utilises our products, which is why we insist on using surface finishes that do this in relation to the building’s design. Thus, we guarantee to uphold Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and the role that sounds plays in the entire system.

If you’re looking for traditional office ceiling tiles with a modern feel and advanced acoustic characteristics, then either of our ICE Metal Tiles is your answer – we stock and install both a 600*600 and 1200*400 option. But if you’re after something fresh that explores a new visual concept for the residential or corporate environment, we would suggest one of our most popular products, Coruline. Another great option would be Plafond, a panel style ceiling that allows for different widths to be implemented in a single area. We also cater for humid and wet environments with a fully sealed acoustic or non-acoustic option in the form of Alumacoust MK1 – another premium product with a linear design.

All acoustic tiles distributed by ACS undergo Independent Testing at our state-of-the-art Acoustic Laboratory, with in-house inspection that not only ensures product performance, but speeds up the process as a whole – from ordering to installation. It is here where we test the finished product’s ability to treat indoor sound with absorption, transmission and other criteria.

Find Out More

ACS has the largest selection of self-manufactured ceiling systems in Australia, with the ability to custom make products to the unique specifications of our varying clients – whether you’re an Independent Architect, Developer or specialist Ceiling Contractor.

Call us today on (08) 9271 0777 to speak to a friendly consultant about our extensive metal tile ceiling range, or complete our Contact Form for a quick response and/or obligation-free quote. If you require and on-site inspection, leave us with your address and we’ll schedule and appointment for as soon as possible.

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