Linearity can be defined as the property of straight lines and ordered systems, distinguished by a mathematical relationship between simple proportions and predictability. In architecture, linearity is used to express movement across space with the use of visual effects that redefine classic styles common to interior and exterior environments.

When used in the architecture of ceilings, linearity creates a clean, modern look with exceptional sound quality. Therefore, it is more than an aesthetically pleasing solution to roofing – it is a method of sound treatment that has a long list of advantages including absorption, transmission, noise cancellation and reverberation reduction. This makes it a popular choice for anyone developing or renovating anything from a hospital to a boardroom, or an auditorium to an airport.

Our Selection

ACS specialises in the design, manufacturing, supply and installation of a wide range of linear acoustic ceilings, each with a unique visual identity and sound signature:


Used in private spaces that require adequate sound isolation, this is a high quality, engineered accessible barrier ceiling system with panels that are easily managed. They are an acoustic ceiling system dealing with both NRC and CAC acoustic performances.


With a design that caters for different panel widths within one area, Plafond is changing the way builders have thought about ceiling interiors for decades. Not tied to standard manufacturing modules, this option is offered in three different widths.

Spac Deckform

An inaccessible system with panels that interlock, Deckform is widely used for security installations because of its known resistance to vandalism and other forms of damage. These are used largely in prisons and detention centres in Australia and New Zealand.


As one of the only styles that can create contrast between low and high profiles in a variety of combinations, Forms is an especially distinguished open module with a deep face panel.

Linear 5

This is the most popular option in our open style linear range, with clean and sharp visuals that combine classical, balanced design elements. It is best used in spaces that foster education and require enhanced acoustic performance.

Alumacoust MK1

For a contemporary look and feel, Alumacoust provides an open style ceiling with Aluminium panels that come in both perforated or plain options. There’s a reason that it is referred to by architects as the ‘prestige’ linear ceiling system.


Harmoni delivers premium acoustic performance characteristics with a non-woven acoustic backing, and 180mm wide monolithic panels for a broader concealed system that is both elegant and easily accessible.


Redefining a historical design concept with modern systemised technology, Coruline make use of a new method of concealed fixing that differs from the mini orb. With options in aluminium and steel, whether perforated or plain, this is a ceiling style that will remain as popular in the future as it has in the past.

Ministrip Broadline

This is an economical acoustic ceiling with the most widespread use throughout Western Australia today. It is this product’s durability and ease-of-installation, combined with an open style, aesthetic design that keeps it in such high demand.

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