Architectural Ceiling Systems has extensive experience in large-scale projects that require products to be installed in bulk with serious attention to detail and craftsmanship. Thus, we house a full team of technicians that form a vital part of our 360 degree service guarantee. Other intrinsic parts of our business are a dedicated and imaginative design team and a world-class production facility. It is our ability to offer a complete package that separates us from most of our competitors.

External Metal Louvres

With a history dating back for centuries, exterior Louvres have been put to use in churches and other traditional architecture as a means to alleviate the entry of rain and direct sunshine. These horizontal blinder slats have evolved over time, with different blade profiles and functionality characteristics.

ACS offers two different types Aluminium and metal Louvres:

Our Alumashade option houses a unique curved blade that boasts significant strength and superior spanning capacity to that of any comparable Louvre section. Its innovative design prevents dislodgment in even the windiest conditions, with compliance in areas familiar with cyclones. Available in both non-perforated and perforated blades that provide a view of outside while eliminating 90% of direct sunlight, Alumashade is a premium quality product that guarantees effectivity and reliability.

Skoolouvr is a complete environmental system that provides passive solar design elements with the use of a selected module and pitch. This is also an extremely robust product made from heavy duty base metals, allowing it to be used for public transport infrastructure, schools and other public institutions. Skoolouvr also offers a cyclone-proof system that can be ordered directly from an ACS consultant.

Profile 230

Architectural Ceiling Systems is a Profile 230 specialist, offering custom flashings that can be installed horizontally, vertically and at different angles. This Zincalume based panel works great for commercial and industrial environments and serves as a low maintenance alternative to other light metals. It also adapts to temperature change by expanding 0.36mm for every 10-degree flux. These are used extensively in Petrol stations and similar projects.

External Metal Wall Cladding

Deckform is widely used amongst Developers and Architects to fill spaces that need to remain clean and uninterrupted. Whether used as a backdrop for branding material or left untouched, Deckform Cladding adds a sense of sophistication to any industrial area, with added advantages of damage resistance and security. Fascia and Soffit applications are also accommodated for with 150mm module panels that interlock with existing rail sections.

Speak to a Consultant

ACS has been providing architects, builders and ceiling contractors with a continuous and reliable source of premium quality ceiling solutions for over 40 years now. Serving as a one-stop solution to all our clients’ potential needs is pivotal, saving them both time and money with greater speed and personalised handling.

ACS has the biggest self-manufactured product range in Australia, with global sales and installation on a steady rise. We are confident in our ability to make a positive impact your business, with a specialised service that caters for whatever you may need. Find out how we can adapt our services to your needs. Speak to a friendly staff member now on (08) 9271 0777 or send us a mail.

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